John Dmytryszyn

Emcee & Master of Ceremonies

Nationwide Events!


If you need a host for an event or just a microphone man to do introductions with enthusiasm you are in luck. As an Emcee, John Dmytryszyn “The Motivational Cowboy” impacts audiences throughout the United States with his Dynamic Charisma.  Johnny D. performs in front groups of all sizes and ages on across the country on a weekly basis.

What Are You Waiting For?

• Hosting
• Announcing
• Interviews
• Introductions
• Crowd Pumping
• Timing & Tempo

If you need any of these services please contact our team to discuss. Thank you & we look forward to working with you soon!

In Need of a Microphone Man?

Are you planning a Special Live Event and need a dynamic Emcee?
If you do, Johnny D. would love to be a part of it.

•  Convention
•  Corporate Events
•  Non-Profit Event
•  Sales Seminar
•  Faculty Events
•  Media Engagement
•  Commencement Ceremony
 • Conference
•  Employee Meeting
•  Training Session
•  Sporting Events
•  Trade Shows
•  After-Dinner
•  Luncheon

Award Winning

Brand Ambassador of the Year

The editors of Event Marketer Magazine hosted The World’s Largest Recognition Program for Experiential Marketing and topping the list of winners of the 2017 Ex Awards was John Dmytryszyn.

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“They Got Energized… Laughed… Got Emotional… Learned Something… and it Lasted” – Office Manager

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