Detroit, MI — Johnny D The Motivational Cowboy is proud to announce his new book “Ripping Pages”.  It is a compilation of personal stories and those shared with him by his many followers.  He wants the book to be one that can be shared by people who have been inspired by it and want to help others in need by literally “Ripping Pages” out of the book and giving them away.  And in the spirit of giving, Johnny D will donate a portion of the proceeds from the sale of his book to a charity that is near and dear to his heart; Fish and Loaves a client-choice, food pantry whose mission is ensuring no one goes hungry in the communities they serve.

The stories in “Ripping Pages” are heartfelt and inspirational!  The book’s design is visually stunning and makes a great conversation piece for any gift giving opportunity, coffee table or library shelf.  It’s a must read!  This is Johnny D’s second book.  His first book “Finish Line: Thoughts to Guide You on Your Way” was born from his determination to reach more people in need of a bit of motivation. “Ripping Pages” is the next step in Johnny D’s evolution as an inspiration to more people through a multimedia presence


‘Ripping Pages’
by John Dmytryszyn
An inspirational & entertaining book!

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About Johnny D. – “The Motivational Cowboy”

Formerly a marketing director for a Fortune 500 company, Detroit native, John Dmytryszyn, realized 15 years ago that he had an unmistakable ability to inspire others. Two weeks before Christmas, after receiving countless thank you letters from people he had motivated, Johnny D. walked away from the white-collar world determined to share his gift with audiences across the country.

Since 1998, Johnny D has been teaching others the skills they need to take control and use their natural traits, gifts, and abilities to “Live the Outstanding Life” on stages country-wide. As a speaker and emcee, he has been the motivational voice for Fortune 500 companies, schools, and the emcee for one of the largest American automotive manufactures with NASCAR.

When not in front of a live crowd, The Motivational Cowboy has continued to reach millions of listeners by releasing four motivational CDs; one of which was considered for a Grammy Award.  “Outstanding Bound,” pairs the sincerity of Johnny D’s voice with country-tinged choruses and sends his inspirational message right through the speakers.

Johnny D The Motivational Cowboy lives in Suburban Detroit and is blessed to be the father of a beautiful daughter.