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Mike @ Event Planner 

“Thanks for speaking at our Kick-Off Meeting!  You were everything your website said you would be and much more! Your energy and audience participation were especially refreshing and we enjoyed the wave of emotions your stories took us on.  I had someone stop me days later to say that they’ve been LIVING THE OUTSTANDING LIFE ever since your presentation.  I will be spreading the word about how great you are to my colleagues looking for speakers.  Thanks again!”


Testimonial Screenshots

Dylan Tanaka @ Michigan Real Estate Investor Network 

“Johnny D, The Motivational Cowboy delivered an amazing talk to #TheNetwork on Living the Outstanding Life.

We were so lucky to have a Grammy Considered artists on our stage. Many members from the audience remarked it was the best speech they have heard in decades.”

North Huron Schools @ Teacher

“The kids truly enjoyed your assembly and they have been talking about it since you left. They can’t believe a guy who travels all over the country would come to our small school and talk to them. You helped pass the massage I have been trying to pass for the last year thank you. Have an outstanding day!”

Eric Mayes

#MotivationalCowboy “Johnny D. was amazing throughout the whole process! He was easy to get a hold of and to work with to set up our assembly. It was truly amazing how he was able to keep all the students focused for the whole 45 min. He was able to connect with all the students and had you crying, laughing and inspired all at the same time. One way I knew all the students enjoyed the assembly was by almost every student wanting a photo with him when it was over. We are starting to see a difference in the kids already and you can always hear the students in the hallway saying they are having an outstanding day! I highly recommend him to anybody and especially all schools!”


Kim Salsbury @ Region 2 FFA Advisor

“Johnny D spoke to our Region 2 FFA Officers on April 25th at their Leadership Camp in Reading, Michigan. He had the students’ attention from the very beginning of the presentation and even the adults in the back of the room dropped what they were doing to listen. His stories are real and relatable to people of all ages. The students were involved in the presentation by answering questions and sharing experiences. They talked about him even after he left and said that he was one of the best Motivational Speakers they have ever listened to. We appreciate him scheduling us in and providing an outstanding experience for our future leaders of the FFA.”



#MotivationalCowboy “Hello! My name is Emma and I am a Senior at North Huron. I had the privilege of listening to you speak today. It was great, I loved it and I love your positive outlook on life. I am reaching out to you, as I lay in my bed thinking about the next chapter in my life and what it is I really want to do. There have been many careers I have been interested in and I have finally landed on Social Work. I chose this because I also want to bring some positivity into children’s lives. I listen to you and other motivational speakers and think to myself, “I want to make that kind of impact on someone’s day or life”. Growing up hasn’t been the easiest, although I know I could be in a much worse position. Mental Health has always been a struggle and I see that in my classmates more and more and nobody seems to be getting help. But today I believe you were able to impact our school and I want to thank you for that. Public speaking isn’t my strongest suit, however, I would love to someday do what you do and make an impact on people’s lives. I find myself trying to show my friends and family the positive side of every situation they are dealing with even if I don’t always remind myself of that side. As I go into social work next fall, I will keep in mind to make sure I remind everyone that they are outstanding no matter the situation, even myself cause social work can be tough! But anyways, enough rambling. I just wanted to say you inspired me again to look into public speaking and maybe, hopefully, one day I will pursue that dream and make an even greater impact on people. My passion is to help others see the good in life even if all they’ve been dealt is the bad. Thanks again! ”

Heather Offenbecker Yager Lahaise @ Audience Guest

#MotivationalCowboy “Johnny D just spoke at #TheNetwork in Troy, MI & I am truly inspired to be not only “OUTSTANDING” but also Someone’s “Purple Locker” every day. You hit my heart and that’s not easy. If you haven’t listened to this man… you need to STOP & do so.

He puts life in perspective & reminds us that YOU can make YOUR world better and brighter by blessing others & just be the smile in other people’s day instead of only thinking of what you need to get through the day.

You were my SMILE today and I THANK YOU!!”

Marge Strong @ Audience Member

#MotivationalCowboy “You CRUSHED it tonight.
Thank you for being a much needed reminder to GIVE far more as it’s in the giving that you RECEIVE. 💜”

Erika Weichel @ Meeting Planner 

“I just wanted to share how amazing it was to meet and work with Johnny D. He was a true professional from the beginning to the end. If I were asked to describe him as a speaker and as a person, I immediately think of the words: OUTSTANDING!, accommodating, friendly, motivating, funny, personal and professional.

Johnny D. was extremely thorough in asking questions and very in tune to the topic of the meeting. He tailored a message that was spot on for the event, highly engaging and inspiring. His delivery was emotional and humorous. He held the audience’s attention the entire time and they left feeling positive! I had great feedback from many people that attended.

After working with Johnny D. I would strongly recommend him for any future event. An Outstanding Keynote Speaker! We look forward to having him back again.”

Kathleen Davis @ Thornhill Group Home Supervisor

#MotivationalCowboy “You inspired many of our employees at our Staff Appreciation Luncheon. They are still talking about how wonderful & emotional your presentation made them feel. Everyone commented about how approachable and completely sincere you were.

I have attended many Staff Appreciation lunches over my 20 years with the company, and I sincerely feel you are the best. I hope you are the choice for next year. Thank you for such a wonderful job. Have an outstanding Day”

Lauralee Counterman @ Blue Water Developmental 

“Thank you for spending your afternoon with us. Your words and advice were truly heard and needed. Thank you… you gave most of us goose bumps and brought tears to our eyes more than once. Have an Outstanding Day. You Deserve it! ”

Portland OR

Portland OR

Motivational Cowboy

Reading MI

Reading MI

Motivational Cowboy

Toledo OH

Toledo OH

Motivational Cowboy

Nashville TN

Nashville TN

Motivational Cowboy

Ryan Parkinson @ Hale Schools

“Johnny D. was a terrific speaker and connected so well with both the students and the adult leadership. We left feeling like we had made a friend. I’m very grateful for the message John shared with our young people and maybe more importantly, the way he interacted with them. Thanks for making our event successful!”

Managers @ Regis Corporation

@MotivationalCowboy “We wanted you to know we really got your message. We were already a Positive, Happy, Energetic group, but NOW we no longer are satisfied to be anything less than OUTSTANDING.
Thanks again, and have an OUTSTANDING day.”

Donna Wickham @ CBuilding Full Capacity Locals

#MotivationalCowboy “We had all ladies at our training. Here are some responses: Enjoyed his presentation; Enjoyed the message and the impacts the little acts of kindness had on all. Lots of good humor as well.; He was a mix of fun, humor and heartfelt moments.; He was great!: Loved him!; outstanding!; Outstanding 🙂 Johnny D. was very considerate of our limit funds and so easy to work with. He was fun to be around.”

Ann Schrader @ President

#MotivationalCowboy “On behalf of the Racing Wives Auxiliary, Inc. we would like to thank you for your presentation at our membership meeting. Your motivational talk was an OUTSTANDING addition to our annual event. Thank you again for handling our special request. I looking forward to having you back.

Jeff Holzhausen @ BCBS of Michigan

#MotivationalCowboy “Johnny D did just an outstanding job for our event! He really wrapped up the day and left everyone with an extremely positive feeling and message. I’d strong suggest him for any audience and event!”

Lillian Novak VP of Education @ NACM Credit Round Up

“Please accept our sincere appreciation for the outstanding presentation you made to the – NACM Credit Round Up. It was very interesting to hear you speak about Image, Attitude, and Focus. Your stories had the crowd laughing & thinking about life. Thank you for sharing your time and experience with us. We all agreed that your presentation was OUTSTANDING.”

John Duzy @ Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan

#MotivationalCowboy “We received outstanding feedback from your motivational speech. You were a very energetic and enthusiastic speaker. One comment I received back was “This was awesome, I thoroughly enjoyed it” from a director at BCBSM. Your message that we can have a positive attitude really resonated with our staff. We can use your message at work and our daily lives. We recommend that if a company needs a motivational speaker they should strongly consider Johnny D!!! He was awesome!! Have an outstanding day!!”


“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the wonderful speech you gave at my recent fundraiser. Your words served as a great inspiration to the many volunteers in attendance that evening. I truly believe that your speech had a positive impact on my volunteers and helped motivate them to work so tirelessly on my campaign.”

Student @ Lincoln Park middle School

@MotivationalCowboy “I just wanted to let you know that I admire you greatly and that I told my family all the stories you told us…..i even cried for the third time telling the story about the daughter and her Christmas present to her dad. I think I might even want to do something like your job when I go out into the world. I really see things a different way now and I just want you to know that you are the reason. I just want to be true to myself and everyone else. I just want to be myself. Thank you motivational cowboy, you definitely made it on my list of heroes.”


“We wanted to write and thank you for the Outstanding motivational talk! Our seventh grade students truly enjoyed your experiences and energy! The students spoke about you for weeks afterward. Thank you again for taking the time to talk to our students and make a difference in their lives, work and feelings about themselves.”


“Thank you very much for appearing as our guest speaker at our meeting. Your inspirational message was very timely and caused our members to renew their service and commitment to the tenants and precepts of our Rite.”


#MotivationalCowboy “It was a pleasure having you participate in our General Sales Meeting. Our sales staff really enjoyed your motivational talk. It really created some enthusiasm in each and every one of our sales personnel. This is evident in our June sales volume. We were up 4.3% for the month. I feel this was a direct reflection upon your presentation.”


“I would like to send a special “Thank You” to you for your recent presentation relevant to “The Outstanding Life.” Your stories and articulation of your ideas were certainly a fine demonstration of how a positive attitude can and will affect our everyday lives. I have had phenomenal positive feedback from the members that were present and we would be most pleased to have you come back again and be with us at some future functions.”


#MotivationalCowboy “Your motivation and enthusiasm is an inspiration to everyone. Since your visit, our people have worked hard to be more focused, enthusiastic and more outgoing . Our events are definitely more successful than last year. We look forward to many more “Outstanding” events in our future.”


“The students at Georgia Department of Juvenile Justice, have shown through their speaking and actions that they valued what you had to say. One of our children’s parents called to thank the Department for having you come and speak to the children. This particular parent was impressed with your insight and your taking the time for our youth.”


#MotivationalCowboy “It’s not easy to find presenters who are able to tailor an existing training program into what became a training experience. I think it was very important for everyone that attended to see living proof that living an “Outstanding” life while maintaining such a positive attitude not only can be done, but is in fact the ONLY way to live and work.”


“Your presentation to the students in the Bartow County Alternative Program was outstanding . You kept our students spellbound and interested in what you had to say for the entire presentation. Your message that anyone who is willing to put forth the effort can be successful was delivered clearly. I appreciate people like you who can enthusiastically touch the lives of young people who have not had the opportunity to be successful .”

Staff @ Regis Corporation

@MotivationalCowboy “We really enjoyed your Talk, your Energy, and your whole Vibe. Since we saw you speak, we have been encouraging everyone to have an OUTSTANDING Day. We can’t believe how good it feels to make others feel OUTSTANDING.”


“On behalf of the entire Greek system at Western Michigan University, we feel compelled to express our gratitude for your presentation on living the outstanding life. Your words of inspiration were greatly appreciated by all 2,000 of our undergraduate student body. Your motivation and enthusiasm captivated us to work hard, set goals and remain focused on our future endeavors. . . . You truly are the outstanding example of a great mentor.”


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"...SUPER FUN..."

Denise Ann Taylor @ Competitive Advantage Inc

@MotivationalCowboy “Thank you for the “Outstanding” presentation & inspirational stories you provided to the several hundred attendees of the Redwood Dental Group staff meeting.”


"...LOTS of ENERGY..."

Elizabeth Aikin @ Commission on Aging

“Your conference presentation exceeded our expectations. We received such positive feedback from ALL the guests; they truly loved you. #MotivationalCowboy has a gift to inspire!”



Living the outstanding Life

You and the people around you may lead good lives, but wouldn’t you rather ‘Live the Outstanding Life’. John Dmytryszyn “The Motivational Cowboy” is willing to offer to you and your group a complete package of tools to show you how to accomplish your goals.

John pledges health, wealth and a better life to those who really listen to his stories and message.

You will find that upon leaving John’s speech your whole world will open up to new experiences and discoveries all leading to that goal of ‘Living the Outstanding Life’.

Personal and professional success starts within each of us and shapes what goes on around us. Image is something you work for. It is the ability to communicate who you are both, verbally and non-verbally. It is using your passion and enthusiasm in a way that will positively impact each and every person that you meet.

• Being able to show people who you are before anyone has to tell them!

• Looking the look and walking the walk!

• Communicating yourself, both verbally and non-verbally with passion & enthusiasm in a way that positively impacts each & every person you meet.

“Life is made up of 10% of what happens to you and 90% of how you react to it.”

• Make the decision to be proactive, not reactive.

•Let nothing affect your attitude, but let your attitude affect everything you do.

• Take advantage of the one thing in life that you have complete,100% control of!

“If you aim for nothing you will hit it every time.” What do you want for yourself? Look past the obstacles.

• What do you want for yourself?

• What are you setting your sights on?

• A phrase to live by… “If You Aim For Nothing, You’ll Hit It Every time!”

• Being a visionary is looking past the obstacles!

• Having a goal and using your OUTSTANDING image, attitude and enthusiasm.

“Consistency is bringing Focus, Image and Attitude together as one.”

Johnny D. will inspire the need within all of us to take control of life and to use our own natural traits, gifts and abilities towards making life the result of who we are, and not the master of who we are expected to be.


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