How many times have you gotten to the end of the road and asked yourself, “Do I go left or right?” I look back and see all the choices I made that brought me to where I am today. All of my work focuses around those choices and events in our lives, people we’ve learned from, and people who have inspired us.

People often ask me, “How did you get started?” I don’t think there really is a starting point, just choices that bring you to your own “Finish Line.” We’ve all come to that point in the road where we have to make the decision to go left or right. My decisions started at a very young age. I was held back in 2nd grade when my teachers told my parents that I couldn’t read or communicate well. I think it was in the 4th grade that my teacher once again told my parents that I wouldn’t amount to much. What if I had gone down the road that those people had chosen for me? Thank god I’ll never know. With the help of my family, I chose to believe in myself.

SITDOWN Motivational Cowboy Photos Images
SITDOWN Motivational Cowboy Photos Images

After high school my career path took me in many directions, from a small business owner, to the marketing director of a Fortune 500 company. Throughout all of this, I crossed the paths of many lives, and started to receive letters from people that wanted to thank me for inspiring them. As I looked back on the things people wrote, I realized they were writing the same kind of sentiments and finally it hit me:

This was my gift to give back to the world! I reached that road sign that gave me the choice to go left or right. Two weeks before Christmas I quit my job and decided to share my gift with the world. With my current work, I want 4th graders to be able to be to get something out of it as well as their parents. The struggles and challenges that children face are just as confusing as the ones that adults face.

Hopefully my life’s work will provide you with some thoughts and tools for making the decisions you need to make. Just remember: The “Finish Line” is also the “Starting Line.” You and the people around you may lead good lives, but wouldn’t you rather live the “Outstanding Life.”

John Dmytryszyn, “The Motivational Cowboy” is willing to offer you and your group a complete package of tools to show you how to accomplish your goals. John pledges health, wealth and a better life to those who really listen to his stories and message. You will find that upon leaving John’s speech your whole world will open up to new experiences and discoveries all leading to that goal of “Living the Outstanding Life.”

The Motivational Cowboy will inspire the need within all of us to take control of life and use our own natural traits, gifts and abilities towards making life the result of who we are, and not the master of who we are expected to be. Through dynamic stories, inspiring facts and personal experiences Johnny D. takes his audience to a new personal and professional level through Image, Attitude, Focus and Consistency.

REMEMBER: The Finish Line is also the Starting Line.

If you don’t like the way you feel, change the way you think .

– Utilize the tools you have within yourself. 
– Transform your life from good to OUTSTANDING.
– I look forward to the bad days; they make me appreciate the good ones.
– Your success is measured by what you accomplish each day. 
– When adversity knocks at your door, invite them in.
– I wish I had… answers to my questions, without having to question the answer.
– It’s amazing to think how some letters put together can cause so much emotion.
– It only takes one person to tell us how special or talented we really are.
– I have come to the understanding that you have to believe in yourself. The path you lead should not be chosen by anyone else’s opinion or belief.
– Out of every situation, the outcome can be positive or negative.
– You have the power within yourself to decide what that outcome will be.
– Dare to live beyond the limitations others have set for you.
– I can make a difference, even if it’s only one person at a time. 
– You’re worth what you think you’re worth. Don’t sell yourself short. Have faith in what you’re doing.
– Traveling leads to Dreaming, Dreaming leads to smiles, and smiles lead to a road of Happiness.
– Having a positive Attitude in life is important, but not essential. Never apologize for having a positive attitude.
– Without goals a ship, plane, rocket or anything else you can think of wouldn’t reach its destination or potential. Without goals we are all flying blind.
– Don’t rush life, just let it flow, be surprised where it leads.
– You learn more when you listen then you do when you talk.
– The quality of your thoughts determines the quality of your life.
– If you fill your life with worries, there is little Room for your dreams.
– Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% of how you react to it.
– If you can’t change it embrace it.
– Judge me not by the boots I wear, but by the foot print I leave in your heart.
– I’m going to put the brakes on your attitude today.
– Now is the time to jump to the next level.
– Life is a gift, open the Box and enjoy it.
– Look at disappointments in your life as dead wood then use it to ignite the fire in you.
– Make today the day that you start living the outstanding life.
– I look forward to the bad days, it makes me appreciate the good ones.
– You’re getting upset with me because I’m in a good mood? Please don’t make me draw a Smiley Face On You. 
– If you’re going to be successful remember these 3 things #1 Be a man / woman of your word #2 Keep your vehicle clean in your shoes shined  & #3 Never think you’re better than anyone else & never forget where you came from.