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About the Motivational Cowboy

The Motivational Cowboy is the quintessential motivational speaker, blending a unique style and infectious spirit to entertain and educate audiences everywhere.

Motivational Speaker, John Dmytryszyn (Johnny D) has developed a strong brand as “The Motivational Cowboy”.

He impacts audiences across the country with his message of “Living the Outstanding Life”, helping to change lives by reshaping thoughts about Image, Attitude, Focus & Consistency.

Johnny D uses humor with relatable, dynamic and inspirational stories to engage audiences with laughter one minute and heart wrenching emotion the next. He brings his contagious energy and captivating stage presence out and leaves it with his audience.

The Motivational Cowboy walked away from Corporate America nearly 20 years ago determined to share his gift with audiences throughout the country, teaching others the skills they need to take control and use their natural abilities to “Live the Outstanding Life”.

His “not so typical” style has enabled him to lend his voice to numerous Fortune 500 company events, corporate functions, schools, and other organizations for which he goes above and beyond to entertain and inform.

Whether speaking to an audience of thousands or an intimate gathering, Johnny D’s message resonates with every single person in the room in their own way.

This innovative, multifaceted entertainer has released four motivational CDs; one of which was considered for 4 Grammy Awards. “Outstanding Bound,” pairs the sincerity of The Motivational Cowboy’s message with the unique flair of blending country music and the spoken word that touches the hearts of every listener.

As a talented author, his latest book “Ripping Pages” is a compilation of personal stories and those shared with him by his many followers, meant to be shared by people who can literally rip pages out of the book and give them away to someone in need of a heartfelt and inspirational boost.

“Ripping Pages” picks up where Johnny D’s first book “Finish Line: Thoughts to Guide You on Your Way” left off; motivating people to “Live the Outstanding Life”.

Johnny D, The Motivational Cowboy is passionate, dedicated and absolutely committed to ensure that everyone he meets taps into their own Outstanding Life and lives it to its fullest.

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