Known as the “Outstanding Guy,” John’s overall attitude, personality and existence is a living testament to his message to Living the Outstanding Life. John has touched the lives of millions through his weekly radio program, seminars, workshops, book, audio tapes, CDs and inspirational product line. Let him help you realize your full potential.

‘OUTSTANDING BOUND’ breaks new ground. The sincerity of The Motivational Cowboy’s distinctive voice, set against the hypnotic country-tinged choruses, drives each song deeply into the listener’s heart. The Spoken Word comes alive through music.


NEW CD | ‘Outstanding Bound’
by John Dmytryszyn “The Motivational Cowboy”
14 New Inspirational & Motivational tracks by the Motivational Cowboy “Johnny D.”

Produced by JC Unger’s Pro Tools Productions and released by Tate music Group

• $10.00 • includes free shipping

 1. Legacy
2. Introducing Johnny D
3. My Favorite Story
4. My Beautiful Wife
5. The Night
6. A Dog Named Sam
7. Life Is a Journey
8. Bar Stool Hero
9. Salute
10. The Limo
11. Go Truckers Go
12. The Box
13. My Back Yard
14. For You                      

“What a unique sound – it’s like regular songs but with a story teller! These are beautiful songs too – I really really love this music. Gonna try to find out where this handsome man is playing.” – C. Johnson

“I was going through a real tough patch when I miraculously found this. Honestly, I was having trouble understanding my worth in even existing. However, the words of this motivational cowboy not only helped me to understand my value in the world, but also the intrinsic value in others. Now I volunteer twice a week at a no-kill animal shelter and I’m a “big brother” for children who grew up as I did. On the street and alone. I now try to share the gifts I have with others thanks to the stories I’ve heard here, and encourage others who may be struggling or know those who are, to purchase this and live life the way it was meant to be lived!” – Matteo Cosmopolitan

J.C’s latest Pro Tools production is the new CD from Johnny D called Outstanding Bound.
Says J.C, “It was a real joy working on this project. Johnny D is a sublime Spoken Word Artist and our job was to create the music behind his words in order to pack the biggest emotional punch. Songs like Legacy, honoring his daughter, and My Beautiful Wife, are real ground breakers and I think they will reach far beyond the Spoken Word/Contemporary Christian market. It was also a pleasure to have Al Ruggiero and Jim Lanier share lead vocal duties on these songs. I will be submitting this for Grammy consideration for the 2014 Grammys!”  http://JCUnger.com